Cheryl Waits Life Changing Ways

I have a Message of Hope for your Health and your Business!

Cheryl Waits
Nutrition Consultant
Health Coach
Sales Trainer/Business Coach
Public Speaker

1978 - Graduated college with a degree in Nursing from Bloomfield College and has been a Registered Nurse for 35 years.

1980 - Joined U.S.A.F at Travis AFB.  Served for 3 years and achieved the rank of Captain.  Worked as a Registered Nurse at Travis Medical Center specializing in Medical/Surgical nursing, Coronary Care, and Female Oncology.

Work experience includes working at North Bay Medical Center’s Coronary Care Unit, Pediatric and Adult Allergy Specialist Nurse for a local doctors office, Home Health Nursing in Solano and Yolo Counties, and School Nurse for elementary and middle schools for the Vacaville Unified School District.

1987 - Established her own business, “Life Changing Ways”, a wealth and wellness, career development center focusing on the value of nutrition, teaching seminars and workshops on health and nutrition and trains other wellness professionals and lay people how to incorporate nutrition into their lives.

Cheryl’s story begins as a small child where she experienced many health challenges, including severe asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, food allergies and digestive discomfort. Following typical medical direction, Cheryl found herself continuing to suffer with no relief.  Fearing her life would never get better, she shifted her focus from medicine to nutrition.  That is when healing began for Cheryl.  Today, 25 years later, she no longer suffers from these debilitating health problems and strives to share the good news about nutrition and the hope it can offer everyone wanting to live a pain-free, disease-free, vibrant life. .

Cheryl’s sales experience began at 16, her first job, working in retail in a little gift shop in her home town.  She loved it.  But then her life path led her into college and a career in the health care profession as a Registered Nurse.  Although Cheryl has a passion for helping others in the area of health, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to start her own wellness business in 1987 called Life Changing Ways.  As a health and career development center, Cheryl trains many in the field of nutrition to bring the message of hope for your health to those in need.  Selling her health services and products, Cheryl found herself, once again enjoying the sales industry.  In 2013 Cheryl became a Certified Sales Coach professionally trained through Eric Lofholm International, a global sales training company located in Roseville, California.   Today she enjoys helping others in the sales industry to increase their sales results and incomes as she has experienced increased sales results by implementing sales systems and strategies in her own wellness business.  Cheryl teaches that sales = service.  Sell from honesty, integrity and compassion.  Selling is about influence – moving people to make a buying decision.  Success in sales is a learned skill and Cheryl will share what she has learned to propel her business to success.