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Cheryl Waits
Nutrition Consultant
Health Coach
Sales Trainer/Business Coach
Public Speaker

Knowing why you're here, being fulfilled by what you do and following your dreams is my hope and prayer for each and every one of you.  Life is short and time is precious.  Recognizing who you are in Christ and using your gifts and talents that each one of us has been blessed with in service to others is God's calling on our lives.  Making a difference in someone else's life is a blessing we give back to God.

Let us partner together in this journey of self exploration and fulfillment by learning what God's word has to say about living a life of joy and passion.  God uniquely designed us with 3 part:  body - mind - spirit - to our entire being.  Understanding each part of our make-up can bring us closer to God and closer to knowing your purpose, meaning and direction God has for you in your life.  It then gives clarity on how and where to use your gifts and talents for His glory.

Come be a part of God's greater plan for your life as you seek to know Him more, learn now about who you are and then apply what you have learned by positively imparting someone else's life.

I invite you to take part in an ongoing 25-year long journey that has changed my life and promises to change yours, if you are ready.  Remember time is short.  Act now and become all you've ever dreamed and have a life of exceptional purpose and passion, meaning and direction, excitement and joy!