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        Old School protocol is to evaluate the total person on each visit.

I call this the  I-5  Dicovery App.

I listen, most patients will tell me what’s troubling them. I look at structure. Is there a high shoulder, head tilt or short leg? Is motion restricted when turning the head or moving the arms? I feel for bone alignment, muscle tension, swelling and painful areas. I test, are the muscles strong in one leg and weak in the other leg? This evaluation and discovery tells me where and what I adjust.

            “Each visit is tailored to your needs on that day”

I prefer to adjust by hand but some patients prefer a more gentile treatment with the activator. Both methods are highly successful. I spend 10 to 15 minutes with a patient.  Most patients feel better after a visit.                 I encourage regular care to keep the body in tune. You may not know your leg is weak today and needs help before pain moves in tomorrow.

“A fine tuned body, like a fine tuned car, will get you where you want to go.”

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